The Origins

One hundred years of history accompany the development of the company Vie d'Alt, which today covers 18 hectares of vineyards in Prepotto, an important area for the production of wine, both for the characteristics of the climate and for the soil, part of the DOC of the "Friuli Colli Orientali".

The company

Our commitment and dedication that have been handed down for four generations in the company, the use of innovative technologies and respect for the traditional winemaking technique that lead to unique products.

The owner Bruno Venica, his wife Paola, his daughters Nadia, Mara with Christian and Julia engage the best energies in working in the wineyards and in the cellar to obtain quality wines. In 2009, photovoltaic panels, solar panels and other small devices for the production of clean energy were installed and thanks to the new cellar, hospitality towards customers has improved. For the protection of flora and fauna, we have not used herbicides for years we limit the use of insecticides. All our in the wineyards and to reach the highest quality the harvest is exclusively manual


The marl plays an important role in maintaining the quality of wines ... Originally, the marl is gray-blue in color but changes to gray-yellowish in the presence of atmospheric agents. Crumbling, it turns into clayey soil capable of retaining water, an advantage for vineyards during drought periods. Moreover, the light color of the marl moderates the soil’s absorption of heat during the summer days. The slow ripening of the grapes is therefore also facilitated by the reduced temperature change of the soil between day and night.


In 2010 we finished the construction of the new cellar complete with a large tasting room in order to improve our hospitality for customers.
We invite you to visit our company, from Monday to Saturday we are always open..
From 8 to 12 and from 14 to 18:30
Guided tours and tastings can be arranged upon reservation.